detox weight loss 300x225 Methods for Detox Weight loss
1. Colon cleanse
A colon cleanse is the process of the removal of the harmful substances from the body through improved bowel movements. Continuous proximity to the toxins can impair the functioning of the colon that results in the recirculation of the materials back into the body. An improper colon function can lead to constipation, fatigue, weight increase, acid reflux and many other ailments. A detox diet aims at colon cleanse through better fibrous intake and fluids that can remove mucus, fecal substances, and other harmful toxins out of the body.

2. Lemon detox diet
Lemon detox diet substitutes the solid food with glasses of limejuice. Depending on the mental strength of the individual and personal preference one can substitute two or three meals per day with the lemon juice diet. An intense diet program can result in the revitalized energy, better skin tone and clarity of vision. A study made by the Arizona State University reveals that a moderate amount of Vitamin C can burn out 30% fatter than a reasonable routine of exercise. Originated by Stanley Burroughs, the lemon detox diet that consists of limejuice, maple syrup and cayenner pepper speeds the metabolism in an effective way and washes out the chemical elements that impair the proper functioning of the internal mechanisms.

Benefits of detoxing
Cleansing of our body can improve the sluggish working of the internal organs. Improved metabolism leads to higher energy levels, glowing skin and healthy hair, clarity of vision, sharpening of the mind and soul, and overall well-being.

A detox weight loss program can, in short, result in an improved body functioning resulting in better sleep, health and vigor.

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